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Chee Sing Chan

Group Editor

Chee Sing Chan is the current Group Editor for the Enterprise IT group at Questex Asia. Directly overseeing editorial teams for Computerworld Hong Kong and Enterprise Innovation magazines and web sites as well as related sites such as eGov Asia, CRM and Green Channel. The role also involves providing editorial direction and guidance to Networks Asia and its various channels Security Asia and Storage Asia.

Having joined the territory's leading technology publications in 2001.  Chee has over 10 years experience in the Hong Kong and regional IT industry and often moderates and acts as chairperson/moderator for major conferences and executive discussions.

During his time at Computerworld Hong Kong, Network World Asia and Enterprise Innovation, he has covered local technology news across a wide range of topics. Currently he specializes in feature stories covering critical CIO challenges, IT Innovation networking and security, telecommunications, Web services and enterprise integration, cloud computing and outsourcing. The expertise in these areas of enterprise IT has led him to chair various technology conference discussions and CIO-level roundtable discussions.

Chee has worked in public relations prior to joining Computerworld Hong Kong and holds a degree in Economics and Mandarin Chinese from Leeds University, UK.