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Hong Kong mobilized by tech weapons of mass disorder

 Recent scenes across Hong Kong have shocked and awed local and international audiences. While not as violent as other recent street conflicts, for a city-state known for its stability, rule of law, and generally submissive society, the sight of masses taking to the Hong Kong streets in defiance of the government and China is staggering.How technology and social media have enabled this uprising is key. Thousands of Hong Kongers mobilized and stayed in touch because of social media, the... MORE

Internet of everything: pigs, cows and football

What can be connected will be connected. This seems to be the modern mission with all technologists today.Pigs might fly is the oft-spouted reply when faced with an absurd proposition or a highly unlikely scenario. But pigs and cows connected to the web? Nothing unlikely there.The Internet of everything truly is upon us, which would have John Chambers at Cisco beaming with some degree of smugness.The prospect of things both living and inanimate being connected through sensors, chips and... MORE

Only laggards continue to dither on cloud

Asian business leaders beware -- your position as market leaders have never been at greater risk.The time to decide is now if you are deciding on whether cloud right for your business. Take away businesses that are being stifled by conservative regulators, there are no businesses that could not be transformed by cloud computing.The argument that only startups, new industry disruptors and tech-driven companies like telcos will be heavy cloud users is dead.The state of Texas, the world's largest... MORE

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