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Are password managers secure?

None of us can remember all our passwords. Yes, we know to use strong passwords, and we never use the same password on more than one site. It's troublesome, but it's part and parcel of our Internet privileges.Password managers—subscription services where a single password generates strong random passwords for sites you visit and fills them in for you—have become popular. They seem secure as they offer ease-of-use and a level of password-encryption we couldn't generate.But are they really secure... MORE

PopVote, CloudFlare trump DDoS attack

Popular events on the Internet tend to jam channels solid. Rugby Sevens tickets, collectible dolls, what-have-you...when popularity spikes, cyberdemand overwhelms servers. Massive e-tailers like Amazon or Taobao, for example, use scalability at high levels when their traffic spikes during seasonal events.But the recent attempt to gather public opinion on PopVote.HK—an electronic platform built by the University of Hong Kong—seems to have topped the table. The survey, which collected votes via... MORE

Newegg leaves Hong Kong off its "Global Blueprint for Success"

Newegg isn't widely known in Asia, but they're a popular e-tailer of tech products in the west. Specifically, customers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, where the firm currently ships its products.Newegg has done well with tech products sourced from Asia, and lauded their suppliers at the recent Computex Taipei show. The firm hosted a roundtable discussion (“Newegg: A Global Blueprint for Success”) featuring Asia-based executives from ASUS, Changhong, Colorful Group, Deepcool and G.SKill,... MORE

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