Case Studies

Hong Kong-based Yardway Swaps Linux for Exchange Server
Hong Kong-based Yardway said that the upgrade to Exchange Server 2007 boosts user productivity by 30% to 40%.
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HSBC deploys IBM Cognos BI application
HSBC leverages IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solution to reduce risk and increase profitability
File name: IBM_Cognos_HSBC_case_study.pdf
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IT integration: A key enabler to business merger success at MTR
IT integration acts as a critical enabler in drawing business synergies, aligning processes and helping MTR and KCRC realize merger success.
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Sing Tao News guards emails with Trend Micro appliance
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Hughes Case Study (PCI DSS)
Retailers today are threatened with customer identity theft by hackers and sophisticated cybercrime attacks. Whether a retailer is providing...
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