Case Studies

Shared services increase efficiency at Texas A&M University System
Texas A&M University System encompasses 11 universities and hundreds of offices across Texas. Each year, it educates more than 137,000 students...
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Europe’s Largest Regional Airline Protects Reservation System and Company Data with Veeam
Flybe’s e-commerce web site processes a large number of flight searches and reservations. Its IT infrastructure includes hundreds of virtual machines...
File name: veeam_cs_europes_largest_regional_airline_protects_reservation_system_and_company_data_with_veeam_transportation.pdf
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Veeam Helps Vodafone Netherlands Ensure 24x7 Availability of Telecommunication Services
To automate business operations such as telecommunications delivery, customer support and billing, Vodafone virtualized its IT infrastructure on...
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PGA superstore expands e-commerce, opens new stores and increase revenue with Veeam
PGA TOUR Superstore is a medium-size business with enterprise aspirations. The company was growing quickly, opening new stores and expanding e-...
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Leading Parcel Delivery Service in Poland Improves Data Disaster Recovery with Veeam Backup & Replication
General Logistics Systems (GLS) Poland is one of the largest companies in the country to provide parcel delivery services. The company needed to find...
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