uCloudlink dials in cost-effectiveness, convenience, and security


Kenneth Chau, senior vice president, uCloudlink

Ask any globe-trotting executive, and he or she will tell you about the problems of communicating while on the road. Travel is now a necessity for many executives. Being able to call, surf and communicate from remote locations is now an obligatory inconvenience.

For many firms, data plans are a huge drain on financial reserves. The reason is that many of these are not optimized for travelers’ behaviors. A flat plan may help forecast budget, but it is not cost-efficient—especially if all the executive needs to do is send a WhatsApp message to his family to say he or she has landed safely.

You cannot guarantee total coverage even if the firm has a data plan. The lack of coverage can result in costly issues, especially when an executive communicates from a location where the plan does not cover and the executive is unaware.

Also, the high cost of data plans often dissuade many firms from providing comprehensive global plans for all its travelers. It ends up with many executives using public Wi-Fi to send company information, opening the firm to hacking and data theft risks. The Hong Kong Productivity Council warned in a statement that firms need to ready themselves from data leakages, while more so-called CEO email scams, where a senior executive asks staff to transfer funds to an account, becoming common.

CCS value proposition

uCloudlink believes there is a smarter way. Essentially, it believes that every modern communications solution for travelers should have three key benefits: cost efficiency, convenience, and security.

Figure 1: GlocalMe value proposition

What GlocalMe brings to the business

Source: uCloudlink

 “We call it CCS,” said Kenneth Chau, senior vice president, uCloudlink, highlighting the value of cloud in streamlining global communications.

Chau noted that firms waste their data plans as their executives may not be maximizing the data usage all the time. Instead, uCloudlink works with enterprises to create a unique plan that caters to their executives’ data usage needs.

 “Some enterprise customers commit to a lump sum data plan for their traveling executives. This pooled sharing concept has been proven to cut around 50-70% of [the firms'] data usage costs because data capacity is shared by multiple executives with different data needs," Chau said. 

 “You just need to turn on the device and connect to the Internet,” said Chau, highlighting the convenience of carrying a single device for all overseas data needs. Multiple devices can connect to this one dongle for extended connectivity.

One area where uCloudlink excels is in data privacy and security. Using a public Wi-Fi abroad at unsecured locations, like coffee shops, airports and hotels can expose your company information to hackers. Industry reports show that hackers are improving their sophistication in targeting unsuspecting users in hotel rooms and airports.

 “With a private dongle, we can track your movements and keep the data safe using a secure VPN," said Chau, who added that his firm leaves it to their clients to facilitate access to essential apps in different countries.   

The uCloudlink solution combines cutting-edge technologies and telecommunication relationships to deliver seamless, secure connectivity. Using its patented algorithm, the uCloudlink CloudSIM solution scans the airwaves for the best signal. Often in each country, the firm will work with two or more telco providers for "resilience."

Shareable solution by design

 “In the past, each SIM card can only serve one person. Right now, one SIM card can serve two or three persons because it is in the cloud,” said Chau. 

The firm also has GlocalMe G3—a portable 4G Wi-Fi device for individuals, enterprises and the rental market that works on Cloud SIM technology — and a Cloud SIM-based smartphone that features all the required features.

Chau noted that his firm is already making huge inroads, achieving double-digit growth year on year. Although there are competing offerings, he remains unfazed, noting that uCloudlink’s early start in 2005 keeps it a step ahead of the market.


 “The competition is not a primary concern. Instead, we are challenging ourselves on how fast we can reach the customers and letting them know about our solution,” said Chau. 

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