9 IT projects primed for machine learning

7. Machine learning for security

In the complex world of security, machine learning isn’t a silver bullet, but it can help you spot attacks that might otherwise be lost in the logs and alerts triggered by normal activities. Despite the name, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection isn’t anti-virus software; it’s a machine learning service that analyzes the behavior of PCs on your network running Windows 10 Enterprise and tells your security team whether an attack is a malicious process, social engineering or a document exploit. You’ll still need to dig into logs and deal with the consequences, but machine learning security tools can help cut through the noise.

8. Unbias your recruitment

There’s a growing push for diversity in business, but the way your recruitment team words job postings can actually discourage a wider mix of applicants. Try the Textio service which uses AI to flag corporate jargon, clichés, cheesy stereotypes and other offputting phrases in job postings and recruitment emails to help you get a wider pool of people applying. SAP SuccessFactors has a similar tool.

9. Image recognition for manufacturing safety

Building sites and manufacturing lines are full of equipment that’s dangerous in the wrong hands. Using cameras and sensors, you can use image and facial recognition to detect when that equipment is being used unsafely, or by someone who hasn’t passed their safety training. Hitachi has built a deep learning system with DFKI -- the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence -- that uses wearables and eye-tracking glasses. Microsoft demoed a similar solution at its Build conference using Azure Functions, Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Stack. A full workplace safety solution might be challenging to build, but you can start with smartphone apps like The Safety Compass, which works with Intellect SEEC’s machine learning Risk Analyst to let workers mark hazards in a workplace by snapping a photograph and filling in the details; other workers will get a warning when they get close to the hazard.