CWHK Awards Preview -- IT vendors: Class of 2002 vs Class of 2012

In the inaugural awards CWHK readers picked out 15 different IT vendors who collectively scooped the 30 awards on offer. Compare this to 19 winning vendors who collected the total of 45 awards on offer in the 2011 Awards. Clearly the industry has grown in many ways and while the big boys have swallowed a few smaller players—what’s clear is that the industry continues to grow outwards in diversity and size, despite ongoing consolidation.

No longer with us:

Of the class of 2002, interestingly only two companies are no longer around as independent entities. 3Com the former networking giant has morphed into H3C in China and Asia, while HP took over the rest of 3Com in 2010. APC formerly known as American Power Conversion Corp, meanwhile was acquired by Schneider Electric and continues as a product brand today “APC by Schneider”.


Key players of 2002 who were valid award competitors but no longer here today included: PeopleSoft, Siebel, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, BEA Systems, Compaq – acquired by HP in 2002, Veritas, McAfee, Cognos, Rational Software….and there are plenty of others.

Biggest movers:

Some firms have grown into industry giants – Oracle the best example of swallowing its competitors as it picked off its key rivals one by one. Others like Cisco have steadily grown organically through sheer technology might as well as through acquisitions. Other big movers who have stood the test of time are the usual faces: Microsoft, HP, IBM, Symantec and Checkpoint