Digitization inches towards the mainstream

This scenario is playing out in the transportation sector, where Uber and Lyft have disrupted the taxi industry, and in media, where Facebook and other online destinations are capturing dollars typically spent on traditional advertising.

"Current levels of digitization have already taken out, on average, up to six points of annual revenue and 4.5 points of growth in earnings before interest and taxes," said McKinsey. "And there’s more pressure ahead as digital penetration deepens."

Digital winners avoid such losses, course-correcting their corporate strategies significantly to meet digital disruption head-on, while keeping a laser focus on their customers. That requires great strengths in organizational culture and the ability to steer clear of siloed mind-sets and behavior.

“A strong organizational culture enhances the ability to perceive digital threats and opportunities, bolsters the scope of actions companies can take in response to digitization, and supports the coordinated execution of those actions across functions, departments and business units,” said the McKinsey researchers.