Enterprise architects facilitate digitization for HK firms

Technical skills aside, an enterprise architect also needs to break down complex ideas into simple ones that business leaders can understand. He also has to provide quick and concrete actionable plans for leaders to make decisions.

Cathay Pacific’s enterprise architecture

With the surge of digital disruptive companies, traditional or established organizations are facing the need to engage themselves in digitization. Established enterprises like Cathay Pacific Airways are no exception.

Johnston said that the airline currently has a large and diverse set of applications and services that have evolved over the past 20+ years. His role  and that of his enterprise architecture teammates is to ensure that the current and future state of these services is aligned to the ever-changing needs of the airline.

Cathay Pacific’s existing enterprise architecture is aligned to the TOGAF framework, with overall business architecture at the top. His team designed and implemented the airline’s enterprise architecture framework.

“It is my responsibility to drive the adoption of the right mix of technologies to meet Cathay Pacific’s new digitally focused strategy,” Johnston noted.

To meet with the airline’s new “digitally focused” business strategy, its enterprise architecture is undergoing changes. Some of its applications are in the process of being transformed into a microservices-based architecture.

He outlined the transformation of the airline’s enterprise architecture. The first microservices-based application will go live for internal users of the airline this month, and is transparent to customers.

Customer-facing applications will be transformed into microservices architecture from the second half of this year to next year. This technology-led transformation helps the airline deliver products and services to the market “at a much more rapid pace”.


“Our customer experience will initially be enhanced through increased responsiveness and performance of our website. Once the refactoring is complete, customers will notice an increase in the speed with which we are able to bring new services to market,” he said.