JOS expands big data and IoT capabilities after transformation

JOS expands big data and IoT capabilities to meet user demandsSystems integrator JOS has transformed its business and strengthened its internet of things (IoT) and big data capabilities to help companies embrace new technologies in the challenging economic environment in Hong Kong.

JOS has been well known for its traditional lines of business like IT products distribution, systems integration, maintenance and support services. Facing growing challenges and competitions, the company underwent “a very extensive process of transformation” last year.

 “The market is getting tougher and tougher. IT products are highly commoditized. Services are also commoditized as well,” said Mark Lunt, group managing director of JOS.

JOS is now dealing with business customers directly by providing tailor-made offerings to them. Technology distribution business is managed by Innovix Distribution, which works exclusively with resellers. Both JOS and Innovix belong to JTH Group, a member of Jardine Matheson Group.

Organizational change to kick start transformation

Under its business transformation initiative, JOS has invested in emerging or high-growth technologies like big data, IoT, cloud computing, enterprise security and enterprise applications.

To carry out the transformation across all the offices in Asia, JOS brought in some key hires at the senior level, reoriented the focus of its sales force and changed the mindset of its staff.

Lunt noted JOS did not make a big internal restructuring but just a relatively small number of key leadership changes mostly in Hong Kong. The sales team has been reoriented to focus on specific customers and industries. For long-time staff, the company has been working with them to develop the skills and attitudes to address today’s customer needs. 

As Hong Kong is the headquarters of JOS and the biggest contributor to its business, the Hong Kong office acts as the central point for driving transformation across other offices in China, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. Monthly management meetings and annual staff conferences are organized  to share resources, ideas and experiences.

With a customer-focused vision, JOS sees the importance of understanding customers’ problems, anticipating their needs and adding value to their business especially during economic downturn or uncertainty.

“When business is easy or companies are doing very well, they do not have a lot of incentives to look for changes or do things differently. When the environment is a bit more challenging, businesses or governments have to really think of how they can do better to become more competitive,” he said.

Tailor-made projects

Realizing its data-centric offerings, JOS has started to tailor-made big data or IoT-based projects for businesses like shopping malls.