JOS expands big data and IoT capabilities after transformation

The company is working on data analytics projects to track and analyze footfall traffic in local shopping malls. Passive Wi-Fi tracking technology is used to track a person’s movement through the MAC address and IMEI of his mobile phone, even when he is not connected to any Wi-Fi network. Analysis of this kind of data provides information like where a person enters and leaves, how long he spends there and the shops he visits in the mall.

People's tracking can also be applied outside a mall. The latest CityTree in Hong Kong has a number of sensors that collect air quality data for air pollution analysis. An alternative use of the tree can be to collect people's data. For instance, a mall owner can understand the movement of a person outside the mall such as how many times he has walked past but did not enter the mall in a week.

Based on these insights derived from data, Lunt said that the mall owner could put up more advertising at the mall entrance or offer promotions to help maximize the mall’s footfall traffic and also the conversion rate of visitors into buyers. 

The CityTree project has aroused interests from some organizations in Hong Kong. A few more CityTrees are expected to be installed in the next 12 months.  “As many as 10 organizations in Hong Kong including property owners, property management and retail groups are seriously interested in CityTree. The local government is interested as well,” he noted.

“We are cautious about the economic outlook for the next year or two. We believe some of the new stuff we are doing are pretty compelling in terms of the value we can offer, and we expect we will continue to thrive,” he concluded.