Li & Fung digitizes supply chain to deliver speed and data insights

One of the pilot projects is to experiment the use of sensors in factories. Some pilot projects are undergoing in factories in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam to monitor productivity, work progress, raw materials scheduling and capacity planning.

Li & Fung is also conducting a pilot project of using blockchain to manage documentation with customers, vendors and banks. The company is also exploring other opportunities with different financial institutions.

Fernandez added the company is also in conversation with IBM to use Watson for enhancing its call center services. He noted that AI is expected to bring more proactive or predictive responds towards customers’ enquiries and in the long term reduce manpower. 

“As a result of our digitization journey, we aim to speed up time-to-market for our customers,” he said. “At the same time, we are hoping to build a culture of innovation and develop a digital-savvy business.”