Hong Kong IT leaders make tech wishes

Make a wishAs part of Computerworld Hong Kong's year end tradition, we asked IT leaders in Hong Kong to make one technology wish for the upcoming year. The tech wishes they made reflected the urge for further tech R&D in the city.

Further fintech development

"I wish to see further technology development in the fintech, travel tech and healthcare tech industries in 2017," Michael Yung, head of eProduct and Technology Planning, Asia Miles.

New tech & innovation

"I wish for more new technologies and innovations. This may bring about more disruptive business models. At the same time, we should consider their impact on humanity as well," Allen Yeung, government CIO, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR Government.

More R&D spending from private sector

"For Hong Kong, I'd like to see the private sector spending more on R&D than the public sector. It is a problem right now that the public sector is investing more in R&D. But it’s not the case in other countries, like Singapore, France, the US or mainland China. This makes us rather unique," Nicholas Yang, secretary for innovation and technology, Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR Government.

"The private sector must pitch-in, in order for the entire ecosystem to be developed. One way for the private sector to pitch-in is, it should also invest in R&D, as those investments are always related to their own businesses, and for their own growth."

Software development and manipulation tools

"I wish for rapid software development and data manipulation tools. Many of the existing software development tools are not providing the efficiency and productivity we need to develop software rapidly," Daniel Lai, professor of practice (computing), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Responsive web

"I would like to see a responsive web that will replace mobile apps. This can reduce the resources needed for apps development and deployment. I would also like to see an improvement on e-payment methods, such as e-checks and personal e-certs. Finally, I would like to see more applications in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) in different industries, not just limited to games," Francis Fung, chief technology officer/ head of CRM, Midland Holdings.