1 in 3 Hongkongers have a side hustle on top of a job

1 in 3 Hongkongers have a side hustle on top of a jobMore than one in three (37%) Hongkongers have a side hustle running a part-time business alongside their full time job, research from GoDaddy indicates.

A survey conducted by the cloud platform for small ventures found that e-commerce is the top side hustle pursuit in Hong Kong, at 44%.

The top motivation for side hustling is increasing personal wealth (67%), while 48% are side hustling to monetize skills and researchers.

GoDaddy attributes the increase in individuals pursuing their own ventures to the democratization of cloud-based technology which is empowering people to pursue their passions.

But side hustle business owners report that digital marketing (23%) is the hardest technology to use, followed by social media (21%), eCommerce (20%), search engine optimization (20%) and website building (16%).

“This year’s Gig Economy Survey specifically focuses on three key Asian markets for GoDaddy. It shows how having a side hustle is a developing trend in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines,” GoDaddy VP of APAC Roger Chen said.

“The results of GoDaddy’s regional survey also show that a large number of people in all three markets have run a side hustle at some point showing the flair that people in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines have for entrepreneurship. In fact, in Hong Kong, most people would also prefer to start their side hustle online instead of by opening a physical brick and mortar store.”

In addition, the survey found that Hong Kong customers believe that security (66%) and credibility (65%) are critical when shopping online, followed by word-of-mouth (52%) and payment methods (50%). Shoppers regularly purchase items on Facebook (78%) and online stores with official websites (74%).

Image from iStockphoto