1 in 4 HK pros found new job opportunities from former colleagues

1 in 4 HK pros found new job opportunities from former colleaguesOne on four Hong Kong professionals have found new opportunities such as new jobs or assignments through former colleagues, a survey from LinkedIn indicates.

The survey found that nearly 80% of local respondents highly value keeping in touch with their professional networks, and nearly 65% agree that online networking is an effective way to build or nurture relationships.

Nearly half (44%) meanwhile said keeping  in touch with their professional network was an important factor for securing their most recent job. In addition 60% said interacting with someone on LinkedIn led to a job introduction and more than half have received a job opportunity because of this.

But despite valuing the importance of networking, Hong Kong respondents often report finding it difficult to stay in touch with their professional networks.

Top reasons for this difficulty include the feeling that too much time has passed making it difficult to engage (52%), not knowing the best way to reconnect (48%), and not having enough time (45%).

To circumvent these issues, LinkedIn recommends that Hong Kong professionals build a core group of connections, make connecting with business colleagues part of their routine and take part in conversations on the professional network.

“Networking is not as daunting as you might think - it could be just a simple gesture to show common interests, be it sharing an article, endorsing skills or just liking or commenting on posts,” LinkedIn Hong Kong country manager Adam Gregory said.

“And you will never know how or when your paths will cross in the future and whether a simple connection may become your next opportunity. If you invest in deepening and evolving their networks today, you will no doubt find this rewarding in the long run.”