2 in 3 Hong Kongers fear automation will cause major job losses

Automation may cause major job lossesTwo thirds of Hong Kong adults fear that automation could lead to widespread job losses, but only one in eight believe a robot could perform their job better than them, research from YouGov suggests.

These fears mesh with recent McKinsey and Company research finding that around 45% of the   

activities people are currently paid to do could be automated within the next few decades.

The survey also shows that younger generations are a lot less confident in their place at work. While 46% of workers over the age of 45 believe that a robot would not be as capable as them at their job, 51% of 30-44 year olds and six in 10 18-29 year olds believe a robot could do their job the same or better than them.

Due to the destructive potential of automation and robotics on employment, nearly eight in ten Hong Kongers agree that robots should be regulated carefully.

This means regulators will have the challenging task of balancing efforts to maximize the potential benefits of the technology without reducing opportunities and incomes for citizens, YouGov said.

Most Hong Kongers would conversely be happy to own a robot themselves, the research indicates.


Out of 12 potential options, the most popular potential uses for robots include cleaning the house (73%), assistance at work (61%) and security (56%). The least popular potential uses include sports, childcare and managing finances.