6% of HK marketers have well-developed customer experience strategy

6% of HK marketers have well-developed customer experience strategyOnly 6% of Hong Kong marketers stated that their customer experience strategyies are well-developed, the lowest in Asia-Pacific, according to marketing research and consulting firm Econsultancy.

The firm’s report Understanding the customer journey in Asia Pacific, published in association with B2C marketing cloud company Emarsys, indicates that 8% of Hong Kong respondents admit that their organizations have no insight at all into the customer journey – the highest percentage in the region. These respondents noted that their main barriers include the complexity of the customer journey, difficulty unifying different sources of data and IT bottlenecks.

Hong Kong also had the highest percentage of respondents stating that there is a lack of internal collaboration between departments, at 43%, and 36% of Hong Kong respondents blame a silo-based organizational structure.

Meanwhile 43% of Hong Kong respondents admit that they are only just beginning to develop a strategy for improving their organization’s customer experience.

Another factor that could be inhibiting Hong Kong respondents from better understanding the customer could be the fact that nearly a third (33%) reported that their customer touchpoints are channel-focused instead of customer-focused.

Across APAC, while desktop was considered the most important channel for understanding the customer journey, the mobile web is growing in prominence as a customer experience channel. But a lack of systems (79%), data (74%) and analysis skills (68%) are preventing companies from effectively mapping the mobile customer journey.

Two third s of companies meanwhile rely on email data to inform their understanding of the customer.

“The idea of providing a consistent and connected customer experience across marketing touchpoints is not a new concept,” said Jefrey Gomez, Econsultancy managing director for APAC.

“However, the ability to achieve this remains a challenge for the majority of APAC marketers. In 2017 we may see change in this regard with more organizations focusing on customer needs and established channels.”