Alibaba Cloud doubles capacity of Hong Kong data center

Alibaba Cloud tram advertisement in Hong KongAlibaba Cloud has more than doubled the capacity of its data center in Hong Kong to address the growing demand for cloud services in the Asia Pacific.

Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun) first announced its data center offering in Hong Kong in May 2014, through its collaboration with Towngas Telecom.

The newly expanded Hong Kong data center will be used to meet the enterprises' demand for high availability and data recovery, and provide greater access to services such as data storage and analytics, enterprise-level middleware and cloud security services.

The new expansion is expected to expand Alibaba Cloud's global network coverage, following its recent data center openings in Australia, Japan, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

Gateway to China's economy

According to Alibaba Cloud, Hong Kong was selected due to its status as the gateway to China's economy for international businesses and its region-leading role in terms of cloud adoption -– the city scored the highest on the Asia Cloud Computing Association's Cloud Readiness Index 2016.

"Considering Hong Kong's strategic gateway position, Chinese enterprise looking to expand overseas or global companies planning to enter the Asian markets would opt to set up their foothold in Hong Kong. Therefore, by leveraging Alibaba Cloud's global network resources and a single unified identity, we can facilitate the expansion roadmap of these companies more rapidly and cost-effectivel," Alibaba Cloud Global General Manager Ethan Yu said.

"Since our entry into Hong Kong in 2014, Alibaba Cloud has become one of the largest public cloud providers in the market in less than two years. More companies have come to realize the importance of changing their traditional IT mind-set to embrace the new data technology," Yu added.

Diversified customers and offerings

Alibaba Cloud's Hong Kong operations has customers in sectors including financial services, retail, hospitality and media. The company also recently launched anti-DDoS security products together with PCCW Global.

These customers include Hong Kong-based local enterprises and small and medium businesses, Chinese enterprises that are looking to expand globally, and global companies that are planning to enter the Asian markets through leveraging Alibaba Cloud's global network.

"The service offerings that Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong currently supports include data storage and analytics, enterprise-level middleware, and cloud security services. In addition, we have various technology partners that we work together to provide applications and services to meet individual customers' business needs," Yu said.