All 31 HK participants win awards at Inventions Geneva

All 31 HK participants win awards at Inventions GenevaAll 31 Hong Kong based participants, including the six companies in the HKSTP-led team, have won awards at this year's International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

Time Medical Limited won the State of Geneva award - one of the top four commendations at the event - as well as a Gold Medal for its world-first NEONA MRI for babies.

Sanwa Biotech won a special award from Romania and a gold medal for its portable vitro diagnostic platform that operates on integrated microfluidic biochips technology.

Two other members of the HKSTP delegation also won gold medals - Oper Technology, for an invention that promises safe and precise extraction of neural stem cells from live subjects, and China Vanguard Group, for its location-based out of home advertising system.

Finally, Nano and Advanced Material Institute and The New Green Holdings won silver awards, the former for a breathable and bactericidal N99-qualified nanofibre facemask and the latter for a hydroponic system for growing greens indoors.

In addition to the HKSTP companies, an affiliate student member of the team was awarded a gold medal for a self-disinfecting door handle. This marks the first time HKSTP took a student affiliate to the Geneva awards and the first win for a Hong Kong student at the awards.,

“We are proud of our incubatees and partner companies for their achievements at the event, but even more so for Hong Kong with all her 31 participating projects receiving commendations including two of the top awards – the State of Geneva award won by Time Medical and also the Grand Prix by Hong Kong Baptist University, speaking volume to the competence of Hong Kong in innovation and technological research and development,” HKSTP CEO Allen Ma said.

“HKSTP is glad to have played its part in facilitating technopreneurs in their R&D pursuits and promises to continue to support them with its comprehensive suite of services that they may see their R&D works to fruition as successful products.”

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization of the Swiss government and the City of Geneva. It is now in its 44th year and has grown to become the largest event of its type in the world. This year 695 exhibitors attended from 40 countries.