Brands aren't convincing HK consumers to share details

Brands aren't convincing HK consumers to share detailsThe wide majority of Hong Kong consumers (88%) don't expect to receive anything in return for sharing their personal details with retailers, and only 9% of report that their shopping, payment and delivery preferences are recalled and used by brands.

These are among the findings of a survey by global loyalty marketing agency ICLP. The survey found that only 9% of Hong Kong consumers say brands remember their past purchase.

In addition, just 10% are given personalized shopping recommendations or offers relevant to them, and only 12% find that retailers remember their birthday.

With such low confidence that sharing personal information is worthwhile, brands risk being shut out of avenues for communicating with customers and driving engagement, according to ICLP EVP for APAC Mary English.

“These findings reveal that Hong Kong customers don’t expect much from retailers by sharing their personal details,” she said.

“Collecting data is one thing, but drawing insights to create a meaningful dialogue with customers is critical to trigger action... Retailers need to respect the customers’ personal data by providing relevant, real-time experiences based on their shopping behavior and incorporate elements of surprise and delight to drive customer devotion.”

English said brands should have a cohesive engagement strategy with data architecture for a single view of their customer, which will allow them to continually gather insights to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

“Harnessing personal, transactional and social data gathered at point of sale and from social platforms enables brands to understand customers’ shopping, payment and delivery preferences. With these data analytics, brands are then able to provide personalized experiences, build emotional connections with their customers as well as identify demand trends for use in product development.”