Cisco certifications target business professionals eyeing software roles

Trying to keep business professionals ahead of the rapidly changing technology environment, Cisco this week rolled out new business certificate and training packages.

The package includes a certification-level offering for what’s known as a client advocate or a Customer Success Manager. The other certification has to do with helping business professionals learn how to build and transform corporations into the digital environment.

Training needs to reflect the rapidly evolving technical and non-technical environments and with this announcement we are focusing more on giving people the skills needed to perform jobs outside of the strictly technical world and more toward helping them with the soft skills they need to help the business grow, said Tejas Vashi, senior director, product strategy & marketing for Learning@Cisco.

Customer Success Manager (CuSM) Certification: Cisco says this certification is about building customer relationships. The foundation of Customer Success is based on increasing customer adoption of your product and driving retention and mitigating churn. While this has been in practice for software-driven businesses, it hasn’t been a big driver in the traditional enterprise world, Vashi said.

Specifically, Cisco says the certification provides a core set of fundamental skills to help ensure that customers achieve the desired business outcomes through their technology investments, to increase and expand adoption and ensure that customers see enough benefits to renew contracts. This includes a full instructor-led or virtual instructor-led program that will prepare learners for a certification exam at the specialist level.

Cisco is also offering Business Specialist certifications including: Enterprise IT Business Specialist; Business Specialist – For Sales Professionals; Business Value Specialist; Business Value Practitioner Specialist; and, Business IT Roadmap Specialist. Cisco says these certifications are aimed at helping IT organizations to understand motivations and desired business outcomes, help them architect and implement an approach that delivers the expected value, and effectively communicate how the technology investments enable the corporation to meet its strategic business objectives.

The current announcements come on the heels of other new Cisco certifications and training for networking professionals. Announced this month, those new programs include: