CLP Power launches smart energy pilot program

CLP Power launches smart energy pilot programCLP Power Hong Kong has launched a one-year smart energy pilot program using the smart meters and the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.

As part of the pilot, smart meters have been installed for 26,000 selected residential customers. These customers will be given timely access to data on their electricity consumption to encourage them to lower their energy use at peak times to save on their energy bills.

The program will help CLP Power better gauge customers' feedback on a variety of demand response measures to help the company explore how to fully implement AMI across Hong Kong in the future.

It covers residential customers in public and private housing, Home Ownership Scheme flats and village houses in 14 districts of Kowloon and the New Territories, to provide data on customers with a range of characteristics.

Customers will be able to access detailed information about their home energy use via a web portal and mobile app.

The system will also allow CLP Power to monitor the performance of the power grid and detect any anomalies, which is expected to speed up power restoration and improve supply reliability.

The company has introduced tariff schemes specifically for the program, a time-of-use tariff and a summer saver rebate offer. The former applies different rates for electricity at different times of the day – peak, shoulder and off-peak periods. The latter will apply a special rebate to customers if they reduce their consumption during the hottest days of summer.

Customers who meet weekly energy saving targets will also be given the chance to earn eco points redeemable for prizes under CLP Power's Eco Power 360 platform. Under the program, the company will also send alerts if abnormal consumption is recorded.

“Smart city development is a global trend, and the government is formulating a smart city blueprint that uses innovation and technology to improve our quality of life,” CLP Power deputy director Anthony Lo said.

“The AMI system not only helps customers manage their electricity consumption but also further enhances supply reliability, safety, and operational efficiency.”