CSL debuts new inflight data roaming service

CSL debuts new inflight data roaming serviceCSL has introduced a new inflight day pass service offering a daily fixed charge for data roaming while on board a plane.

CSL is offering the service for a promotional rate of HK$98, to be increased to HK$178 from October 1.

The service will be available on supported aircraft of a number of major international airlines including Cathay Pacific, Air France, British Airways, Emirates and Singapore Airlines, and CSL plans to add support for additional airlines in the future.

“Hong Kong people are frequent travelers and they want to stay connected wherever they go. To best serve our customers, we are proud to add aircraft as a new day pass destination,” commented Richard Midgett, managing director of HKT's wireless business.

“Customers can even set their own preference of when to start using data and when to be reminded of their usage via the CSL app. Data roaming is made easy, worry free and economical, even in the air.”

In-flight Wi-Fi is becoming a hot commodity internationally, with two in three APAC travelers responding to a recent Inmarat commissioned survey indicating that they feel that the service is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The survey found that 79% are willing to pay for inflight connectivity even on short leisure flights.

First published in TelecomAsia