CUHK launches HK's first undergrad FinTech program

Prof. So Man-Cho Anthony, Assistant Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty of EngineeriThe Chinese University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Engineering has launched Hong Kong's first undergraduate program covering the emerging FinTech field.

The university's new four year undergraduate program aims to nurture leadership and entrepreneurship among the next generation of local talent to support Hong Kong's ambition of becoming an international FinTech hub.

An initial quota of up to 30 students will engage in multi-disciplinary training covering financial infrastructures, e-payment systems, cryptocurrency technologies, internet finance and financial informatics.

CUHK's Faculty of Engineering is organizing the program in collaboration with the Faculties of Business Administration, Law and Social Science to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.

In addition, the program will closely collaborate with the HKMA and ASTRI to organize internships and overseas exchanges for students.

“Graduates of this program will be ideally suited for positions that require strong quantitative and technological skills in the financial services industry,” program director professor Chen Nan said.

“Prospective career opportunities include investment and commercial banking, insurance, asset management, internet finance, government regulatory agencies, and FinTech startups. They can also pursue further advanced studies in finance, management sciences and engineering, computer sciences, information engineering and related fields.”