CWHK Online Poll Update: Samson Tam leads slightly

The latest result of the Computerworld Hong Kong Online Poll on the upcoming LegCo IT Functional Constituency (ITFC) shows Samson Tam is leading with 42% of votes and Charles Mok received 36% of vote.

Launched on August 10, the online poll aims to allow anyone that cares about Hong Kong’s IT industry development is given a chance to voice their opinion over the best industry representative within LegCo. A week after the poll was launched, close to 200 people participated

Competition is expected to be intense at the LegCo ITFC as both candidates are running for the same seat in LegCo for the second time. The Computerworld Hong Kong Online Poll also reflected the competition, as the result was a reverse earlier this week on Monday, when Mok led with 42% of the vote and followed closely by Tam with 32%.

In addition to the competition between the two candidates, more than one-fifth of the voters (22%) have indicated they are not sure or would vote for no one or others. Some of their reasons for not choosing between the two candidates include:

“The 2 are roughly the same, tho one seems more academic (oriented], one is more industry (centric), but still (both) can't seem to help all IT sectors.”

“I haven't read or found easily where their proposals are for local IT improvement.”

“Their campaigns are not visible.”

“Samson did a fair job the past four years and I think I should give Charles a chance. But I (am) worried (that) he may not be able to focus so much on protecting interest of the IT industry due to his democratic party membership.”

These comments indicate both candidates could put in more effort to convey their messages and platforms to the local IT community. Apart from having an election campaign web site, both Mok and Tam are organizing gatherings to share views with the IT community this weekend at Quarry Bay.