EY hosts its first hackathon in HK

EY hosts its first hackathon in Hong KongEY has held its first hackathon in Hong Kong aimed at performing innovative analytics on real life data.

Data provided by Cathay Pacific, HKBN and The Gulu restaurant reservations and preordering app was provided to 12 teams competing for three awards – best data scientist, best business idea and best business scientists.

Teams were selected from a pool of over 160 applicants consisting of students from local universities and tertiary institutions.

The competitors were required to analyze the provided data over the course of the two-day event and present their findings to the judging panel. The judges include Jason Pun, assistant GCIO (Cyber Security

and Standards) from OGCIO, Benson Ng, Greater China digital advisory leader, Hong Kong Advisory from EY, Gary McLaren, CTO of Kong Broadband Network and Ricky Tong, Technical Director from The Gulu.

Winners were selected for demonstrating data analytics capability, innovation, team spirit, organizational and presentation skills.

“It is the first time that EY launches a Hackathon in Hong Kong. The overwhelming response is highly encouraging. The competition not only provides us a chance to discover talent, but also promotes the commercialization of customers’ consumption data, which enhances customer value management by identifying the most valuable existing and potential customers,” EY's Ng said.

“As an integral part of a smart city, data analytics can also improve the standard of living. As such, we are creating a three-way win situation. We are already planning to organize similar competitions in other cities in Greater China.”