French ICT community in HK launches tech hub

French ICT community in HK launches tech hubThe French technology community in Hong Kong have teamed up to launch La French Tech Hong Kong, with the goal of facilitating the development of French startups abroad.

La French Tech Hong Kong will act as an ecosystem to help French entrepreneurs looking to develop their business in Hong Kong.

The hub has a dedicated web portal that will list the French tech actors already based in the system, including incubators, investors and startups, as well as the support programs available for French entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business abroad.

Each French Tech hub also brings together a pool of mentors with detailed knowledge of the local ecosystem.

The initiative will be open to the entire French tech community in Hong Kong. It is also aimed at strengthening the French tech community in Shenzhen through cross-border events.

More than 25,000 French nationals live in Hong Kong - one of the largest French communities in Asia - and most of the largest French ICT companies already operate in the area. In 2014, there were 34 subsidiaries of French ICT companies established in Hong Kong, accounting for a combined 900 jobs.

“The ecosystem of startups that I saw emerging in Hong Kong is currently booming with the contribution of many French entrepreneurs who have settled here in the past five years,” commented Matthei Bodin, community and fundraising manager at W Hub and co-initiator of the La French Tech Hong Kong project.

“This dynamism has grown significantly in 2015 thanks to the creation of furthermore startups and the launch of startup accelerators. La French Tech Hong Kong is an open door to help startups grow with the help of their community. A group where entrepreneurs are welcome to leverage network and visibility, with in mind a positive-sum result.”