FXecosystem deploys HK data center for Asia expansion

FXecosystem, an England-based provider of institutional and retail FX outsourced connectivity services, today announced to further expand in Asia, by deploying a point of presence (POP) in the Equinix Hong Kong data center, HK1.

Single point of entry for broker clients

FXecosystem provides centralized sources of FX connectivity to banks, buy-side and electronic communications networks (ECNs) on a global scale. The company has recently extended its connectivity capabilities to the bond market.

Once connected to FXecosystem in Equinix's Hong Kong data center HK1, its institutional and retail broker clients can connect to the FXecosystem global infrastructure with a single point of entry, and further connect to FX counterparts and liquidity providers in New York and London. Clients can also leverage the high-speed circuits within the FXecosystem network, to benefit from faster and more secure transaction execution.

Recent deployment of Singapore data center

In October 2016, FXecosystem opened its regional headquarters in Singapore, and deployed Equnix's SG1 Singapore data center, in a bid to better serve its retail and institutional clients.

"This second POP [the first one being Singapore] in Asia allows us to service our existing clients in South East Asia, including Hong Kong and China," said James Banister, CEO of FXecosystem. "This, together with recent announcements such as our POP in Equinix's SG1 data center in Singapore and new NOC (network operations center) and engineering facility in Asia, further strengthens and expands our service offering in the region and underpins our growth plans for 2017."

"With our enhanced infrastructure, we can help institutional and retail FX clients in Europe and America to expand into Asia. We are also seeing interest from Asian banks and brokers who need enhanced connectivity between these three continents."

FXecosystem leverages Platform Equinix's extensive global footprint and now adds HK1 to other deployments at Equinix data centres including LD4 (London), NY4 (New York) and SG1 (Singapore), providing a single point of entry to connect to FX and bond market participants on a global scale.