GROWHOUSE to improve HK learners' English literacy

Hong Kong-based social enterprise GROWHOUSE has partnered with London Gifted and Talented (LG&T) for a learning program to promote English literary skills to all learners.

GROWHOUSE offers literacy-based classes for learners aged 5-13+. The company has teamed up with LG&T to help make literacy learning more accessible, bridging the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged.

The reality is that across the world smart but disadvantaged children are underachieving on an industrial scale,” LG&T founder Ian Warwick said.

“They are the kids who don't get to go to the cultural events, don't get to hear the right words spoken at home, don't have the parents helicoptering in when they start to slip and slide. In short they are the very kids we need to support the most or their talent will be squandered, their aspirations abandoned.”

GROWHOUSE has also teamed up with UK operator BT to provide audio conferencing services to allow its teachers and graduates to teach Hong Kong students via e-learning. BT will provide its BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice audio conferencing service for the program.

“The support from BT is truly encouraging and enables GROWHOUSE to encourage its graduates to give as they receive, which we see as the heart of education,” GROWHOUSE senior director Jannie Tam said.