Guangdong, Hong Kong to work together on cloud standards

An 18-member Hong Kong/Guangdong cloud expert group was formed today by the Hong Kong Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGICO) and the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province to set cloud computing standards and best practices.

The OGCIO has in May formed the Expert Group on Cloud Computing Services and Standards locally in Hong Kong, having engaged about 20 local IT pros to develop the best practices and guidelines on cloud computing security, service level, and interoperability.

Officially named the Hong Kong/Guangdong Expert Committee on Cloud Computing Services and Standards, the new cloud expert committee was established under the Hong Kong/Guangdong Expert Group on Co-operation in Informatization.

The newly set up committee will facilitate cross-border co-operation between Guangdong and Hong Kong in promoting cloud computing adoption and development, formulating the cloud standards and practices, and nurturing cloud computing talent.

"Developing Hong Kong-applicable only cloud standards isn’t sufficient -- we need to work with Guangdong to create something that we can all adopt.”Said Elizabeth Tse, Hong Kong government's Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology). “There’s an internal consensus that the Hong Kong/Guangdong Cloud Expert Committee will develop some cloud standards by the first quarter of 2013.”

Charles Mok, founding chairman of Internet Society Hong Kong said, "The new expert committee will be of some use [to the local IT community] because big IT companies like Huawei and ZTE are all located in Guangdong, and they work closely with the government."

"The challenge for this committee is how it goes beyond governments and engage the IT communities in both Hong Kong and Guangdong,” he noted.

The Hong Kong/Guangdong Cloud Expert Committee was inaugurated on Tuesday at the "Mainland and Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Symposium" held at the Tamar Central Government Offices (pictured).

Hong Kong government CIO Daniel Lai and deputy director-general of Guangdong Province's Economic and Information Commission Zou Sheng presented appointment certificates to 18 cloud computing experts -- 10 from Hong Kong and eight from Guangdong. Lai and Zou will act as the convenors of the expert committee in Hong Kong and Guangdong respectively.

The Hong Kong/Guangdong cloud expert committee is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Both MIIT's Department of Software Service Industry Director-General Chen Wei, and CAS' Li Guo-jie will serve as consultants.

The 18 members of the Hong Kong/Guangdong Expert Committee on Cloud Computing Services and Standards are:

Hong Kong: government CIO Daniel Lai (convenor), Professor David Cheung, Dr Andy Chun, Dr David Chung, Anthony Ma, Suen Hon-pia, Dr Wong Chung-kiu, Professor Peter Yum, deputy government CIO (Consulting and Operations) Victor Lam, assistant government CIO (IT Strategy) Alex Lee, and assistant government CIO (IT Operations) Tony Wong.

Guangdong: deputy director-general of the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province DrZou Sheng (convenor), DrJi Tong-kai, Liu Xin, Tang Hong, DrXuZe-ming, Xu Hong-bo, Lu Wei-hua, Professor Zhao Gan-sen, and director of department of software service of the economic and information commission of Guangdong Province, Ms Chen Shao-mei.