Hitachi Data Systems launches hyperconverged appliance in HK

Hitachi Data Systems launches hyperconverged appliance in HKHitachi Data Systems has launched a new hyperconverged storage, backup and disaster recovery management system for Hong Kong businesses.

The all-in-one hyperconverged appliance provides a multi-cloud management portal, enabling self-service on virtual machine provisioning request. This establishes approval chain and virtual machine backup and restore over a single interface.

It is designed to provide linear scaling for greater investment predictability, with organizations able to start with a single 8TB backup storage appliance, and scale up as needed. All data will be repliated to the cloud and backup as standby data recovery.

Gartner predicts that over 30% of data center storage will be on hyperconverged infrastructure by 2019, with modern IT departments looking to facilitate digital transformation with reliable cloud infrastructure.

“The next generation of hyperconvergence should also provide cloud automation on application provisioning and available to any scale of application deployment,” Hitachi Data Systems lead technical consultant for Hong Kong and Macau Douglas Lo said.

“With the integration with DevOps, application development life cycle is automated which minimize error particular on complex deployment and enhance productivity of developer, accelerate application life cycle and remain the stability for time-to-market. That’s what HDS could bring all-in-one to Hong Kong businesses.”