HK dropped in cloud readiness rank, behind Japan, Singapore

Hong Kong dropped two places in Asia Cloud Computing Association's latest Asia Cloud Readiness 2014 (see image below). It now occupies the fifth rank, behind Japan (No. 1) and Singapore (No. 4). New Zealand, Australia and Thailand showed the most improvements, jumping up by four ranks

New Zealand ranked second -- after Japan which stayed on top -- Australia third and Thailand ninth.

The presence of an overarching ICT and cloud policy plan are common to all countries that improved in their cloud readiness, said the ACCA.

Conflicting signals

"The governments have generally been tentative in its adoption of cloud computing, sending conflicting signals to the market," said Lim May-Ann, executive director of the ACCA.

"A proactive government-led cloud first policy will have profound and productive implications right across the economy -- as we are now seeing from the policies adopted by the successful economies," said Lim.

10 indicators

The Index assesses countries against 10 indicators: privacy, data sovereignty, international connectivity, broadband quality, government regulatory environment and usage, power grid and green policy, intellectual property protection, business sophistication, data center risk, and freedom of information access. Ranked against these criteria we now see Asia Pacific economies separating out into three distinct groups.

The Philippines gained another two places again from the previous index to land at No. 10, proving to be a steady improver in cloud readiness. The ACCA said that a core strategy for success seems to be its focus on developing strong cloud-friendly industries such business process outsourcing.

In China (ranked 11th), recent government programs have been pro-cloud, although infrastructure build-out remains behind the curve. Cloud adoption is expected to accelerate dramatically in the next few years as mobile devices enable wireless access.

Hong Kong fell two places to No. 5, but excellent fiber connectivity and a forward-looking administration reviewing the Digital 21 Strategy and setup of the Innovation and Technology Bureau looks set to reverse the trend.

India fell four positions to 13th, one of the largest declines in Cloud Readiness in Asia Pacific. The ACCA said it must address its weak data risk profile and intellectual property rights protection, and focus regulatory reform on creating a stable, pro-ICT business environment.

The other countries in the index are Singapore (4th), South Korea (6th), Taiwan (7th), Malaysia (8th), Indonesia (12th) and Vietnam (14th).


First published on Enterprise Innovation Asia