HK govt to add e-invoicing to procurement system

The Hong Kong government will add e-invoicing to its e-procurement system that will be available to all departments and bureaus by end-2013, said Daniel Lai, Government CIO on Tuesday in the OGCIO - organized ICT Industry Forum.

“The idea of adding an e-invoicing system came from pilot users [of the e-procurement system]—the Immigration Department, the Environmental Protection Department, and the OGCIO. “We expect at least 70 departments and bureaus will use the e-procurement system by early 2017.”

Lai said a development team comprising tech pros from both the government and commercial organizations will soon come up with the e-invoicing prototype. “The e-invoicing feature will help shorten invoice delivery time while expediting the procure-to-pay process,” said Lai.

Kicked off in late 2009 for departments and bureaus’purchases of goods and non-construction related services not exceeding HK$1.43 million each, the e-procurement system pilot was completed in Feb 2011, the OGCIO said.

The e-procurement system now comprises a web-based e-catalog; a web-based e-sourcing system; a procurement portal for departments and bureau to share procurement information internally and externally with suppliers; and an internal workflow application that automates the procurement process from initiating a requisition, confirming funds availability, placing a purchase order, confirming delivery and acceptance, to providing updated payment information to the Treasury, according to the OGCIO.

The e-procurement system is part of the government’s initiative to build the GovCloud that hosts common services to be used by departments and bureaus, said the OGCIO, adding that the Legco Financial Committee already approved the GovCloud implementation budget of HK$242 million in June.

The amount, said the OGCIO, will support the rollout of the e-procurement system and an e-information management system in a five-year period from 2013-14 to 2017-18.


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