HK still second in APAC for average broadband speeds

HK still second in APAC for average broadband speedsHong Kong maintained its position of having the second fasted average broadband speeds in Asia-Pacific and the fourth in the world during the first quarter 2017, according to Akamai.

The CDN company's latest State of the Internet – Connectivity report found that Hong Kong had an average broadband speed of 21.9Mbps, below only South Korea's 28.6Mbps.

But Hong Kong was also the only market in APAC to record a sequential decline in average broadband speeds of 0.2%, and recorded the second weakest year-on-year increase with just a 10% improvement.

Hong Kong also had the second highest average peak broadband speeds in APAC and the fourth overall, with a speed of 129.5Mbps, up 17% year-on-year. The market was beaten by Singapore (184.5Mbps), but was ahead of South Korea (121Mbps).

Meanwhile Hong Kong came in second in APAC and fourth in the world in terms of adoption of broadband speeds above 15Mbps, at 54% of connections.

But the market recorded the slowest year-on-year growth rate (13%) behind regional and global leader South Korea (69%), which saw a year-on-year decline of 0.4%.

In addition, 94% of Hong Kong's connections are above 4Mbps and 71% are above 10Mbps, giving the region a global rank of 20th and 6th respectively.

Mainland China meanwhile recorded an average broadband speed for the quarter of 7.6Mbps, ranking the market the 12th in APAC and 74th in the world. China's average peak connection speed was 45.9Mbps, the third slowest in APAC and just the 86th fastest overall.