HKPF veteran to lead Kroll's APAC cyber investigations practice

Paul Jackson Risk mitigation company Kroll has appointed Paul Jackson as the leader of its Hong Kong based  Asia-Pacific Cyber Security Investigations Practice.

Jackson has 25 years' experience in high levels of law enforcement and corporate enterprise as a cyber security practitioner and strategist.

He started his career with the Hong Kong Police Force and over 22 years rose through the ranks to become chief inspector and head of the IT forensics practice, investigation team and training at its technology crime division.

During his tenure he oversaw the design and construction of a multimillion-dollar project to build the IT forensic laboratory and all associated IT security infrastructure and lead the government incident response capability against cyber threats to critical infrastructure during major events such as the Olympics.

He implemented an innovative incident response methodology for analysis of compromised systems that was later adopted by Interpol and other police forces worldwide. He also served as course director for Interpol in the Asia-Pacific region.

After leaving the force Jackson has also served as APAC head of fraud and then global head of high tech investigations JP Morgan Chase Bank, and as APAC managing director for cyber security investigations company Stroz Friedberg.

“Paul is a leader who possesses an invaluable perspective on the evolving cyber security threat landscape, from the most high-level strategic considerations to the most detailed operational components, all within a framework informed by regional and global realities,” Kroll CEO David Fontaine said.

“Having worked in law enforcement, a large corporate environment, and, most recently, as an external advisor to enterprises with global operations, Paul’s experiences are well-suited to the needs of Kroll’s clients in the APAC region and around the world.”