HKSTP holds smart city innovation summit

HKSTP holds smart city innovation summit HKSTP has staged a series of smart city demonstrations at Hong Kong Science Park during the APAC Innovation Summit 2017 - Smart City Connected City.

The event showcases various smart solutions developed by HKSTP's companies on the smart campus, from cashless payment to smart food technology, fully automated store and autonomous vehicle technology.

These included the cashless payment solution One2Paid, developed by HKSTP incubatee CamClaim Limited, which will be initially trialed in Science Park retail outlets. The CamClaim 2.0 Mobile Business platform is certified by UnionPay to provide FinTech Online and online to offline Office payment solutions in China and Hong Kong.

In addition, the event showcased various innovations and future concepts on food-related technology from Maxim's Caterers Limited.

These included 3D food printing for mass production of unique 3D food creations, a robotic arm capable of writing English and Chinese characters and painting pictures and an autonomous guided vehicle and autopilot drone capable of delivering food to programmed destinations autonomously.

At the event, HKSTP CEO Albert Wong detailed the company's smart city vision for Hong Kong and reaffirmed the company's commitment to serving as a smart city testbed.

“The Smart City technologies showcased today are precursors. There are many more innovations being developed at Science Park, which has the unique attribute of having a complete ecosystem with R&D, manufacturing and funding stakeholders coming together seamlessly to help make innovations a marketable reality speedily,” he said.

“We will work closely with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), our Smart Region partner, to make this part of Hong Kong a wondrous showcase of the Smart City vision.”

The Smart Region initiative aims to create a living lab that supports the development, testing and adoption of smart city technologies, with a focus on technologies that accommodate smart mobility, smart living, smart environment and smart people.

As part of the initiative, HKSTP has established the Smart Mobility Ecosystem in Science Park to accelerate collaboration on the development of sensor technology, AI, algorithms and mobile communications.