In-house lawyers become top influencers in HK cloud decisions

Linklater's Adrian Fisher (left) and Andrew Cooke from Microsoft (right)An IDC study on Asia-Pacific legal, risk and compliance professionals found that 18.9% of these professionals in Hong Kong viewed cloud applications and platforms as being more trustworthy than on-premise solutions because of better security and other reasons.

The study also found that 32.1% saw no difference between the two. However 49.1% took a more conventional perception and still placed more trust on-premise IT solutions.

Titled "Advising to innovate -- views from the Asia Pacific legal, risk and compliance communities," the study was commissioned by Microsoft and global law firm Linklaters, and was conducted by IDC on 479 companies with over 500 staff in the region, with 53 of the respondent companies from Hong Kong.

Strong cloud adoption

As more organizations embark on their "digital transformation journey," there has been stronger cloud adoption in the Asia Pacific region.

According to the survey findings, public cloud usage has been increasing worldwide, including Hong Kong.

Of all the APAC respondents, 56.6% said that their organizations are already using cloud applications or platforms. Further, 87% of the respondents said that their organizations are expected to moderately or significantly increase cloud usage in the next two years.

In-house lawyers as top influencers in cloud decisions

The study found that the legal, risk and compliance professionals have already wielded considerable influence on enterprises' cloud decisions, with in-house lawyers ranked as the top influencers when it comes to giving the greenlight to cloud deployments. This is followed by regulators and external lawyers in Hong Kong.

"Digital transformation provides the catalyst for legal, risk and compliance professionals to redefine their roles and bolster their ability to positively influence cloud decisions," said Adrian Fisher, technology, media and communications counsel, Linklaters Singapore.

"By arming themselves with the latest knowledge on technological advancements and taking on a more proactive role to address regulatory issues, there is a clear and previously unrecognized opportunity for the legal, risk and compliance community to become enablers of digital transformation and help shape the wave of innovation that is sweeping across all industries."