Hybrid IT model taking hold in Hong Kong

Hybrid IT model taking hold in Hong KongHybrid IT deployment models are becoming the norm in Hong Kong, with 61% of companies already outsourcing at least one enterprise application and 53% outsourcing cloud services, a survey suggests.

A survey from CenturyLink finds that 81% of Hong Kong businesses are aware of the hybrid IT deployment model – which involves combining in-house and outsourced IT services. This puts Hong Kong above the APAC average of 73%.

But this increased awareness hasn't translated to increased adoption – Hong Kong is below the APAC average in terms of outsourcing of both enterprise applications (75% in APAC) and cloud services (68% in APAC).

The survey also indicates that 52% of Hong Kong businesses have outsourced network implementation, 39% had outsourced data center services and 29% security services. This compares to APAC averages of 61%, 43% and 36% respectively.

Hong Kong respondents report that security risk mitigation is the top driver for considering managed service providers, followed by cost reduction. Key drivers for executives to outsource IT services include service delivery improvements involving data centers and networks.

But the report finds that a hybrid IT model requires strategic alignment between internal and external IT professionals. Other concerns in transitioning to a hybrid IT model include senior management reluctance and migration or consolidation issues.

“Digital disruption is changing the way we approach business today globally. In particular, IT departments are experiencing tremendous change as organizations turn IT into a driving force for all aspects of the business, including the customer experience,”  CenturyLink managing director for Asia Pacific Gery Messer said.

“As more organizations turn to a blend of in-house and third-party IT services, it is important for leaders to address concerns on security. They need to carefully assess their technology partners to ensure that security capabilities are well embedded in all of their offerings – managed hosting, managed services, network solutions, colocation and cloud. Only then will they be able to help IT transform into a secure hub for innovation.”