InnoCarnival 2017 to showcase cutting edge local inventions

InnoCarnival 2017 to showcase cutting edge local inventionsThe ITC will hold InnoCarnival 2017 later this month to highlight and promote interest in innovation and technology in Hong Kong.

The nine day event will commence on October 21 at Hong Kong Science Park, and will be free and open to the public.

 InnoCarnival 2017, the anchor event of InnoTech Month 2017, will feature a wide range of showcases and activities. Highlights will include a showcase of local innovations and research achievements.

More than 70 program partners including local universities, R&D facilities, professional bodies, government departments, technology enterprises and youth education organisations will present innovations in areas including robotics, green technology and other areas.

There will also be more than 300 InnoTech workshops covering a range of topics tailored to kids, teenagers and families, around 300 guided tours of Science Park’s green facilities and over 40 talks and seminars from distinguished scholars and industry professionals.

A series of local inventions will be on display including Lip motion password, the world’s first patented double security system that verifies a person’s identity by matching password content with the underlying characteristics of lip motions.

Smart living technologies on display will include a 3D VR virtual campus system, a smart electric vehicle charger and smart parking pilot program. These will be joined by healthcare technologies such as a rehabilitation training program for stroke patients and the world’s first means for safety harvesting adult stem cells from the brain of live subjects.