JOS enters partnership to bring Rainbird AI solutions to Asia

JOS enters partnership to bring Rainbird AI solutions to AsiaLocal IT service provider JOS has announced to bring AI capabilities to businesses in Asia through Rainbird Technologies' portfolio of AI solutions, including its Rainbird AI cognitive reasoning engine.

The agreement allows JOS to be the first system integrator in Asia to carry Rainbird Technologies' prodcuts. It is also expected to add AI capabilities to JOS' enterprise IT portfolio and allow the company to expand its range of customized solutions for businesses in the region.

Speaking at the AI Summit in Hong Kong last week, JOS group managing director Mark Lunt said the companies already have one major project underway for a client in the automotive industry.

“Adopting Rainbird’s award-winning cognitive reasoning platform will aim to re-invent the

customer experience within this organisation’s service departments,” he said, noting that JOS will be an early adopter of AI in the APAC region..

Rainbird Technologies chairman James Duez added that the company is confident that its knowledge work platform “will not only assist JOS in providing this client

with the most efficient means of overcoming challenges presented by automotive servicing,

but will also help to set a new benchmark in vehicle diagnostics and service repair.”

Duez said this project is expected to be the first of many in the APAC region, with the partners targeting industries including food and beverage, financial services and consumer goods.