Kaspersky Lab hunts for Asia's top Internet mistakes

Kaspersky Lab hunts for Asia's top Internet mistakesKaspersky Lab is looking for the most interesting Internet mistakes and faux pas in Asia that have been the cause of some form of misfortune, in an effort to spread awareness on Internet safety.

The public can submit their entries -- which must be based on actual events where a naïve or ill-informed Internet practice caused reputational, financial or property damage or loss for individuals – to the Goondus Awards website.

The site will showcase submissions anonymously while being assessed by panel of judges. Participants with the winning stories will walk home with an iPad Mini or another tablet and even monthly prizes like a Kaspersky Lab premiums hamper.

"We want to educate people about safer Internet behaviours and to showcase real world examples of missteps leading to some form of loss or damage," said Sylvia Ng, general manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky Lab.

"While some stories may be humorous and even incredulous, the repercussions and damage were real and in some cases severe. As our entries are entirely anonymous, we're encouraging a community led campaign to drive home the message that only safe practices will make the Internet safer for users."

Besides real-life stories from the public, the Goondus Awards website will also feature tips and advice from cyber security experts and elaborations on the different types of scams such as Internet love sex scams, credit for sex scams and phishing scams.

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