Macao Water upgrades asset management with IBM Maximo

Macao Water Supply CompanyThe Macao Water Supply Company has built a new enterprise asset management system based on IBM's Maximo platform to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Macao Water's new asset management system was developed to manage its 50km-pipe network and different assets including three drinking water treatment plants, two water reservoirs and six drinking water pump stations.

The company had already been using Maximo to manage its plant asset maintenance, and decided to adopt the latest version to manage its pipe network and above-ground assets.

The new system is expected to improve system integration between asset management and finance for purchasing data accuracy and allow for effective job dispatching using mobile devices to assign jobs to employees.

A barcode scan feature allows stock counting from workers' mobile devices to make stock management more efficient, and safety reminders are sent to workers' mobile phones based on a risk assessment of work orders.

The system is also expected to boost integration between asset management and geographic information system  (GIS) to allow the use of historical data to support efficient maintenance planning and pipework location. Macao Water is currently working with IBM to map the locations of pipes onto GIS maps to further enhance accuracy.

“As job dispatching and data synchronization have improved, we are not only able to enhance services and raise customer satisfaction, but also move away from passive maintenance to predictive maintenance, which is our important long-term goal in asset management,” Lou said.

“We believe the system can help us reduce emergency maintenance in the future.”

He said in the future, the new platform is expected to further enhance operation, management, and customer satisfaction by handling the purchase of both underground and above-ground assets and allowing workers to instantly send updates of asset inspection data.