Microsoft HK launches social sales and engagement solution

Elaine Zhang, Dynamics 365 Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong LimiteMicrosoft Hong Kong last Friday launched its first integrated offering with LinkedIn, after the acquisition completed in December last year.

The solution, called Microsoft Relationship Sales, combines the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

LinkedIn Sales navigator uses data from LinkedIn's network of professionals to help sellers target the right buyers and build trusted relationships with customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a sales and contact management software suite that provides insights to help sellers deliver personalized customer engagement.

Together the platforms integrate disparate data cross customer relationship management (CRM) programs, social networks and productivity systems. It aims to help sellers find decision makers and influencers at a company while building personalized one-to-one customer relationships at a large scale.

MRS has been built to be usable by any organization and scalable based on organizational needs. Microsoft said it is providing MRS at roughly half the cost of rival solutions on the market.

"LinkedIn is the world's largest and most valuable professional network of more than 500 million members and Microsoft is a leading company in cloud and AI," Microsoft General Manager for Hong Kong Cally Chan said.

"We are pleased to see the synergies between LinkedIn and Microsoft starting to yield positive results with the introduction of this new business application, providing an incredible opportunity for businesses to grow by engaging customers better as part of their digital transformation."