Octopus unveils new logo at 20th anniversary

Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Octopus on 1 September celebrated its 20th anniversary with the unveiling of a new corporate identity and logo.

The company has redesigned its infinity mark logo to incorporate three colors. The logo maintains its orange color to reflect its 20-year history, while blue and green have been added to symbolize Octopus' new offline and online services.

The new design also moves away from the rectangular shape to represent Octopus' breakthroughs developing new services for the digital payment era.

The new logo was unveiled by HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam (pictured, middle) at an event attended by some 600 guests from the HKSAR Government, business community and major media organizations.

Cashless society

Speaking at the ceremony, Octopus Holdings Non-Executive Chairman David Elton (pictured, left) re-affirmed Octopus' vision of contributing to developing Hong Kong into a cashless society.

He detailed the company's hybrid strategy focused on both offline and online digital payments that are simple, fast, secure, reliable and affordable.

Octopus in recent months introduced a new Octopus App, a cloud-based service named O! ePay. It now supports a number of payment technologies, including online, NFC, and mobile SIM.

The company also announced plans to support QR code payment in November to provide an additional payment option for customers.