Oracle lifts the lid on new cloud programs

Oracle is enabling customers to reuse their existing on-premises software licenses for Oracle PaaS through the release of two new cloud programs titled ‘Bring Your Own License to PaaS’ and ‘Universal Credits.’

Customers with existing on-premises licenses can leverage that investment to use Oracle platform-as-a-service (PaaS) at a fraction of the old PaaS price, in doing so, customers reduce their management and operational costs.

Oracle PaaS includes Oracle Database, Middleware and Analytics.

Oracle already allows customers to bring their on-premises licenses to its infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS) and this yet another step in bringing them into cloud environments, while addressing the cloud adoption challenges they face with their on-premises software investments.

Oracle is touting Universal Credits as the ‘most flexible buying and consumption model for cloud services.’

It offers customers one contract with unlimited access to all current and future Oracle PaaS and IaaS services across Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Users can gain on-demand access to all services and lower cost pre-paid services. They can also upgrade, expand or move services across data centers as required, and can also benefit from using new services with their existing set of cloud credits.

Users can also switch IaaS and PaaS services without having to notify Oracle.

In a statement, Oracle chairman and CTO Larry Ellison said it was transforming the way companies buy and use cloud through combining the lowest prices with the highest performance, and more automation to deliver a total cost of ownership.

In July, the database vendor revealed its total cloud revenues were up 58%, topping US$4.1 billion, with PaaS and IaaS revenues up 40% to US$397 million.