Samson Tam joins Legco IT Constituency race

Current legislative councilor (IT constituency) Samson Tam announced Monday that it will run for the same seat in the Legco election in September.

Tech veteran and president of Internet Society Hong Kong Charles Mok announced his candidacy earlier this month

Four years ago, Tam had a narrow win over Mok by 35 votes in the same race.

“The ICT industry worked together in the past four years to make the government realize that the industry needs a positioning,” said Tam, “Now the government has made its first move—having started to work on cloud and datacenter development as well as promising [the establishment of] the Technology and Communications Bureau.”

“The [ICT] industry must continue to work together to make further changes and an impact on the economy,” he noted.

The next IT representative [in Legco] must communicate with the government the tech industry’s expectations and monitor the government’s progress in helping local ICT pros and businesses capture opportunities in China, he added.