Schneider Electric HK launches upgraded EcoStruxure IoT platform

From Left: Hong Kong Green Building Council director Cary Chan; Schneider ElectrSchneider Electric has launched the next generation of its EcoStruxure IoT architecture and platform in Hong Kong.

The open and interoperable system architecture and platform delivers IoT-enabled solutions for building, grid energy and data center customers, supporting applications such as energy management and automation.

The platform provides cloud-based tools to facilitate the automation of maintenance operations and monitor energy consumption. It combined connectivity with data analytics to create actionable insights into performance and optimization.

Schneider Electric Hong Kong president Rerina Or said with buildings accounting for around 90% of energy use in Hong Kong, energy management and automation in buildings play a vital role in reducing local electricity consumption.

“Current energy management challenges are driving the need for next-generation energy management solutions. There is a 50% increase in energy consumption resulting from urbanization, industrialization and digitization, plus the 82% of untapped energy efficiency in buildings,” she said.

“With the speed of technological evolution increasing exponentially, we can also see a corresponding increase in connectivity with expectations of 30 billion connected devices, and 10 times more incremental connected devices than incremental connected people, by 2020.”

According to Colin Chung, MD of civil engineering consulting firm WSP / Parsons Brinckerhoff, the Hong Kong SAR Government is aiming to reduce the energy intensity by 40% by 2025. This is going to drive more stringent requirements in the Building Energy Code (BEC), which is a standard for managing energy efficiency of new buildings and updated every three years.

Despite the higher standards required by the government, more new buildings in Hong Kong are exceeding these standards by achieving the BEAM Plus certification, according to Cary Chan, executive director of Hong Kong Green Building Council. "More developers are starting to embrace BEAM Plus, as they understand the long term saving in building management and maintenance," said Chan.

To help building management operators to achieve these increasing strigent standards, Schneider Electric Hong Kong director of business development Travis Kan said five million EcoStruxure systems have been deployed worldwide since the platform launched in 2007.

“Locally, the commercial sector, which includes government and institutional buildings, accounts for 66% of the city’s electricity use. Also, energy consumption is often higher than the actual need in old buildings with central electromechanical facilities, especially Chinese tenement buildings without energy saving facilities,”  he said.

“We believe the next generation of EcoStruxure can strike a chord with government support on buildings energy management initiatives, such as the Energy Saving Plan for the Built Environment, 2015~2025+ and Buildings Energy Code 2015, to help Hong Kong to become a more sustainable city.”