Smart HK initiative to improve job opportunities for IT pros

Smart HK initiative to improve job opportunities for IT prosNearly half (45%) of Hong Kong CIOs believe that the government's smart city initiatives will improve job opportunities for IT workers, research from Robert Half indicates.

A survey of IT leaders also indicates that 21% believe the initiatives will lead to an increase in average salaries for IT professionals, and 12% are bracing for increased competition for top IT talent as a result of the initiatives.

CIOs in SMEs are more likely to anticipate a surge in jobs as a result of the initiatives (54%, compared to 28% for CIOs within large companies).

But nearly one in three (32%) CIOs within large organizations believe believe average IT salaries will increase from the initiatives compared to just 16% for CIOs in SMEs.

“The government’s ‘Smart Hong Kong’ initiatives are expected to further promote Hong Kong as a globally recognized innovation hub,” Robert Half Hong Kong managing director Adam Johnston said.

“By further implementing such projects, more jobs are anticipated to be created for IT professionals in the city, while positioning Hong Kong as a global magnet for international IT workers looking to work within a city-wide innovation project.”

But Hong Kong is already experiencing a shortage of qualified IT talent, with 92% of Hong Kong CIOs reporting that it is now  more challenging to source qualified IT professionals than it was five years ago.

Shortages are being particularly acutely felt in IT security IT security (52%), business transformation (41%) and digitization (40%).

“As with any initiative, innovative projects will struggle to be implemented without the help of the right people, and Hong Kong employers may find themselves struggling to deliver and grow if they cannot successfully source the right IT talent,” Johnston said.

“Companies need to be proactive in their search for skilled talent, and help promote IT and technology as an attractive career path for future professionals.”