Smart warehouse solution with advanced robotics launches in HK

(From left to right ) HKSTP CEO Albert Wong, RV CEO Rio Chau, Professor Keith K.RV Automation Technology Company has introduced the first Hong Kong-based smart warehouse solution with advanced robotics in Greater China in collaboration with DHL Supply Chain.

RV will work with PolyU to further optimize the smart warehouse solution. It is expected that the technology will help different industries revolutionize their traditional warehouses and embrace the automation era.

The success of the smart warehouse solution will also broaden the opportunities in smart manufacturing and personalized consumption brought about by the advanced technologies setting a pivotal stepping stone for the Greater China enterprises to move towards industry 4.0.

From receiving, to categorizing, arranging, storing, stock-taking, picking and packing, various warehouse management strategies rely heavily on human data entry and management causing variations in accuracy and efficiency in warehouse management.

The repetitive and tedious work nature is also a big challenge for recruitment. Furthermore, the growing personalized consumer market and e-commerce trends revealed that the traditional warehouse model is unable to nimbly respond to small orders and increasing contact points, at present and in the future.

RV's holistic smart warehouse solution incorporates automated robotics technology to ensure accuracy while increasing the warehouse storage space and operation efficiency. The solution is comprised of several key features. The most notable one being an autonomous mobile robot that can adapt to the changing surroundings. Its application can increase the efficiency in delivering the merchandise from shelf to workstation and maximize the use of the storage area.

One other key feature of the solution is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based Robotic Put-away and Picking Workstation. IIoT helps accurately locate the merchandise and maximize the storage capacity of each layer of mobile racks. RV's smart warehouse solution also includes a Cloud-based Swarm Robotic Control System which acts as the brain of the entire solution responsible for controlling the movement of the mobile robots and the operations of put-away and picking workstations.

RV CEO Rio Chau pointed out that the solution is all about tackling customers' needs and future operational challenges. Its development comes from a macro and automation approach to respond to the complicated and specific personalized market needs. He said, " RV is continuously innovating. Our smart warehouse solution provides a favourable solution to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of companies in the logistic industry, helping them move towards Industry 4.0. The shifting of traditional, labor-intensive operation to smart robotic automation model also helps companies to retain skilled [workers]. We are excited about the future of robotics technology .”

Professor Keith K.C Chan, Head of Industrial and systems Engineering, PolyU said, "Industry 4.0 is driving the next industrial revolution - logistics solutions must be more agile, diverse, flexible and intelligent. Research team from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of PolyU and our industry partner have designed a novel smart warehouse solution for embracing Industry 4.0 in Hong Kong."